Lord Coin "LRD Coin" Coming soon!
First of all, we want to congratulate LordMining lovers with huge earnings. We are very glad that you trusted our platform, invested and continue to invest in the LordMining platforms. Our team works around the clock so that you earn a stable income with us. With your support, we have reached the best result.
Days online 56, Total Investors on all platforms 70000, Total invested around 7 760 000$, Total withdrawal is around 4 600 000$.

We would like to proudly inform you, that in the end of the next week we will launch our own coin Lord Coin "LRD COIN" project.

The starting price for LRD Coin starts at 1$ . The price for one coin will rise in price every day by 0.1%.
Investment package earning in LRD Coin will 170% in 30 Days
Staking package in LRD coin will 1453% APY (in 365 days)

We will also launch our own Exchange inside the project. It will be possible to exchange LRD Coin for another currency.
The coin will also be added to Coinmarketcap and in some popular Exchanges.

After the launch of the LRD Coin project, LRD Coin can purchase those investors who have invested in the "BTC Earning" plan and already have an active deposit in the "BTC Earning" plan.
Every investor can buy an LRD Coin minimum of 10 LRD - a maximum of 10000 LRD.

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Sincerely LordMining Team
Dec-4-2021 01:51:34 PM
Added new payment systems SHIB, USDC, BUSD, ETH (BEP20), BTCB, ADA (BEP20), EOS (BEP20).

Now, you can deposit and withdraw via payment methods:

Sincerely LordMining Team
Nov-24-2021 10:05:32 AM Branches UK, Turkey, Canada, Vietnam, Germany. Branches UK, Turkey, Canada, Vietnam, Germany.

Within 30 days has gained popularity among 55 000 investors. The company has received a deposit of 3 000 000 USD and 1 000 000 USD has already been withdrawn by investors.
Introducing, an innovative investment platform that allows you to earn up to 162.6% within 30 days!

Currently, we are planning to expand our branches in following countries:
Turkey (Istanbul and Ankara) branches on 15.01.2022
Vietnam branches on 15.03.2022
Germany branches 15.05.2022
Canada branches on 15.07.2022

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Sincerely LordMining Team
Nov-10-2021 03:49:31 PM
Get an instant bonus of 20% to every new deposit!
$10.00 - $600.00 - 7% Bonus
$601.00 - $1200.00 - 9% Bonus
$1201.00 - $2000.00 - 11% Bonus
$2001.00 - $3500.00 - 14% Bonus
$3501.00 - $6000.00 - 17% Bonus
$6001.00 - $100000.00 - 20% Bonus

Sincerely LordMining Team
Oct-16-2021 11:50:38 PM

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